About file upload (XML/XLSX)

Uploading files

The Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) has developed new software enabling our larger customers to automatically upload or submit cases they wish to renew. You can upload an Excel file or XML file with a number of cases so that you can renew several cases without typing the case numbers one by one. The file may include both patent, trademarks and designs, and you can upload a maximum of 999 cases in one single file.

The file must be built on a structure defined in the template or the XML schemas you find on this page. The advantage is faster, simpler and more cost efficient system integration and more effective use of the service. 

Technical specifications Excel

This is a simple form of uploading. Excel files may be uploaded from your own system (requires IT development) or you can punch or paste data into the template.

The uploaded file must follow NIPO's simple standard so that the system will be able to read it correctly:

  • Domain (patent, trademark or design) must be inserted by digit code in column A for each case (1=patent, 2=trademark, 3=design)
  • Application number and/or registration number must be inserted in columns B and/or C
  • Expected fee may be inserted in column D*, otherwise column D should be empty
  • Listing of cases must start in row 10
  • Numbers must be formatted as Text**
  • The file format must be (*.XLSX)

*If you insert expected fee in column D this will be checked against NIPO's system, and you will be notified if any deviance is found.

**The reason that numbers must be formatted as text is that some registration numbers starts with a 0. Without text formatting prepositive 0 will be deleted and there is a risk that Payment retrieves incorrect case. Please mark relevant columns in Excel and right-click, choose "Format cells" and "Text" to format as text.

Domain and application number or registration number is sufficient for the system for find the correct case, and information about how much should be paid. Other fields may be used at your own desire.

Technical specifications XML

The technology is based on application-to-application communication with a certain degree of user involvement. This means that your software can export relevant cases to a file. The file may then be uploaded in the Payment service.The customer is responsible for developing their own applications for exporting a file to Payment using the XML schemas below. NIPO does not provide technical assistance for this, but we can give advice regarding the use of the schemas.

A key consideration is to create the lowest possible barrier for customers to develop their own integration to the Payment solution. We therefore have two versions of our schema:

  • A simplified version, containing only the IDs required for specifying elements for renewal. This schema does not refer to WIPO standard ST.96, but is based on ST.96
  • The second version contains a more comprehensive data structure, making it possible to include payment validation and data cleansing. This schema refers to WIPO standard ST.96

Note that we include all three areas (patents/trademarks/designs) in the same schema.
The element <CustomData> is ignored by the receiving system, and may be used to store any internal data for references from the exporting system.
The element <Order Receipt> should be removed. This will be used / filled with data when NIPO offers to download a receipt in the form of an XML file.

Schema options

Simplified schema

Comprehensive schema which also supports data validation

Background for selecting schemas and references to WIPO standards

NIPO has chosen to base the schemas on the work that is done joint within WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) on Standard ST:96. We believe this is a future oriented and safe choice.

However, this standard is extensive and covers a wide range of purposes. We have therefore chosen to make some simplified schemas. Since this standard is the most modern, we believe it will be a good foundation for automation and possible reuse in several areas.

List of WIPO Standards, Recommendations and Guidelines 

Annexes to WIPO Standard ST.96

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