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Payment from NIPO

Payment is a solution for electronic payment of renewals and annual fees to the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO). To maintain the right to a patent, trademark or design, fees must be paid accordring to regulations. This service is developed to make renewal of patents, trademarks and design easier, and to avoid incorrect payment of fees. 

Payment shows you when industrial rights may be paid, when they must be paid and how much must be paid. You can also see if others have already paid for the rights, or have the intention to pay (case included in order).

You may search cases by application number or registration number to include cases for payment, or you can upload your own list of cases (xml or xlxs) for payment. Your list will be verified towards data from NIPO, and errors can be detected before payment. Your order may be paid by debit/credit card or by bank payment. An order confirmation will appear on the screen after payment. You may see you earlier orders and receipts under "My orders".

You may also create your own list in Payment. that can be saved for later use.

 Cases that are marked with orange warning have already been included in an order. Please check the details to avoid double payment. If you neverteless want to pay them, you must tick them off before proceeding to payment.

 Cases that are already paid, that are passed the latest due date or are finally shelved or the like, are marked with a red stop sign. These cases cannot be paid.

If you wish to be alerted when cases are close to due date, you may sign up for this in Alert.

If you do not know the application number or registration number this can be found in NIPO´s Search service. Here you will also find more details about the cases, for example correspondence. You can even pay cases that you can not find in the NIPO’s search service. This can be annual fees for EP cases that are available for payment before they are validated in Norway, annual fees for divided cases or annual fees for some PCT cases. For all types of cases, the publication date is passed.

Please notice that this service is developed for maintaining industrial rights in Norway only. If you have rights in other countries, payment for these rights must be addressed to those countries' offices.


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